Friday, October 30, 2015

Final Closet sale of the year. (one more post in about an hour)

Okay, I have finally gotten the rest of Kate's clothes photographed and listed.  I will warn you, things go quickly.  So if you like something, leave a comment immediately with an email.  I will send you a Paypal invoice.  You have one day to pay, otherwise, I will offer it to the next person who commented.  Shipping is $5 per item.

Leave your name, email address and item # you want.  Thank you so much. No returns or exchanges.

Item #1
Pink and Green dress.  I had this made for Kate on Etsy with Jennifer Paganelli fabric.  I love it.  It is technically a 4T but it fit Kate for years as it is long and generously sized.  Excellent condition.  $15


Item #2 Sohie Catalou  bubble dress. Size 6.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress.  It is an olive green and gold with a bow detail at the shoulders.  Kate wore it around the holidays. $25.

Teddy bear tea13_5967

Item #3 This is one of my all time favorites too.  Empress Art size 4T Cream linen dress with ruffle an pom pom detail. I just saw this in a local boutique for $66.  Kate has worn this once or twice for beach photos.  It is beautiful.  $25


 ruffle hem pom pom detail

DSC_4018 Kate


Item #4
Madras Dress.  Size 2t from Babygap.  I have held onto this forever because I have such special memories of Kate in it. But honestly we have no room to keep it.  It is in excellent condition. $15



Item #5
Navy and red fine corduroy pillowcase dress. Olli and Bess Size 6.  Kate wore this in kindergarten.  So cute.  It fit for a few years.  Excellent condition. $10.



Item #6

Navy sweater knit pleated skirt from Crewcuts Size 4/5. Kate wore this a few times as school uniform.  It is super soft and comfy and in great shape. $5


Item #7
Swanky Baby Vintage dress. Size L (6/7)  I think this runs narrow and fit Kate more as a 5/6.  These retail for about $50.  Asking $15


Item #8

Pink and Green Swanky Baby Vintage dress.  Size L (6/7) but narrow too. I love this one.  They are the softest cotton knit.  $20


Item #9  Baby gap 4T Pink Rossette dress with tulle at hem.  Such a pretty dress.  Kate wore it once or twice.  it would be perfect for Easter or summer beach photos. $15


Item #10 Lilly Pulitzer Pink Elephant dress.  Size 6.   I bought this for Kate because I have a dress in the same pattern but it is too short for her.   So I am not sure she has ever worn it. $20


Item #11

Navy and Kelly green ribbon pillowcase dress.  Size 6.  This is made out of a soft knit material.  Kate wore it to school  So cute. $10


Item #12 This dress is reversible pink and green linen.  Size 5/6. It is a boutique brand but I cut the tags to be able to wear it reversible.  The black and white placket buttons on and off to reverse it. $15



Item #13 Gap summer white dress. Size 5T.  Gorgeous for beach photos and summer days. $10


Item #14 Valentine shirt Size 3T. from Etsy. T is old Navy brand with a vintage fabric on it.  Kate wore this with a cute skirt on Valentine's day. $5


Item #15 Dilly Bob  3T lounge set.  Kate wore this when she was 3 and 4.  We loved it.  It great condtion. $20


Item #16 Moxie dress. Size 6.   So cute for this time of year.  Gorgeous colors. Red Tulle hem.  Corduroy sash. $15


Item #17 this dress is really special.  It is 100% silk and absolutely beautiful.  It is made by Blue Pearl and is a high end boutique dress.  Size 6. $35



Item #18 Gap 5T red white and blue dress.  Kate wore this on 4th of July.  Adorable dress in perfect condition. $15



Cute bow in back...

I am adding one more post with about 10 items in it later this afternoon, so check back if you'd like.  


Ashley said...

I would love: #1, #9, #10, #12 & #18. Crossing my fingers!!

3 Peanuts said...

You got them Ashley. I think I was holding a dress for you too from the last one right (pink giraffes?). I'll put it in with these.

Ashley said...

Yes! I think you have my e-mail, but it is:, just in case.

JML said...

I would love 6, 7, 8 and 11!

Tracy Gavigan said...

16..17..2 item #s

Kim said...

I would love

Katie Aseltyne said...

Number #1, and #11 if I'm not too late!

priyabella said...

Looks like it's gone, but I'll be a backup for #10.

Spears said...

3,9,14,17...whatever of those are still available 😃

Kelly said...

Backup for #2