Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall 2015 Closet Sale

UPDATED:  Everything has been spoken for.  I am invoicing people later this morning. I will let people know if a sale falls though.  Please check back as I will be posting another set of items later today (Tuesday).  Thank you so much.  I have a lot to list and will do so in small batches all week.

When I clean out Kate's closet, I donate some items, give some things to friends and sell some clothes.  I will list an item number, description and price.  If you want to purchase the item, please leave your email address (for a paypal invoice) and list the item # you want to buy.  I will send you a paypal invoice.  If it is not paid within 24 hours, I will offer the item to the next person who commented.  Once the paypal invoice is paid, I will ship within 24 hours.  I add $5 for shipping and packaging costs.  I will combine shipping at a reduced rate for multiple purchases.  I will be listing several items each day this week, so check back often.

All items are in excellent condition unless noted otherwise.  Nothing has every been put in the dryer.  I line dry all of her clothes so there is minimal fading etc.  I apologize for some wrinkles.  The clothes have been folded in a pile for a week or two waiting for me to photograph and list:) Thank you so much for looking.

Item #1 Union Jack Flag Skirt Size 5T.  This fit Kate for quite a while.


This skirt was bought on Etsy and handmade. It is adorable.  Kate wore it a handful of times and it was always line dried.  It is in excellent condition.  The edges are sewn to fray a little. It looks like this is no longer available on Etsy.  I paid $40 for it.  Asking $20 plus shipping.

Item #2
Black polka dot Gap skirt. Size 5


We love this skirt.  It looks great with a Pumpkin tee for Halloween or with red r Green for Christmas.  Kate wore this at Halloween several times.  Love it.  Asking $10 plus shipping.

Item #3

Adorable Ric Rac Skirt Size 7


I ordered this on Etsy too, I think.  In all honesty, Kate never wore it.  I bought it just as she was phasing out of skirts.  She really only wears leotards, shorts and dresses now.  It is adorable. Asking $15 plus shipping

Item #4  Matilda Jane Tunic top.
This is tagged a size 6 but it is old sizing and looks like an 8 to me.


I imagine this is hard to find now. Pink and green MJ tic top. Size  This is adorable with leggings.  Asking $15 plus shipping.

Item #5
Pink and Cocoa Matilda Jane tunic top.

Size 6


This is one of my favorites.  Looks so cute with jeans or leggings.

Asking $15 plus shipping

Item #6
Kayce hughes dress.  Size 6 (narrow cut).  it was a great fit for Kate and she is thin.


I love this sweet dress.  In excellent condition. These retail for $88.  Asking $20 plus shipping.

Item #7
Matilda Jane Red coat. Size 4 but Kate wore this until she was 7 years old.  Kate is small but I'd say this is a generous coat and someone could wear it form 3/4-6/7.

Kate wore this A LOT!  It is in great condition and washes well.  It looks great with holiday clothes.  it is not a heavy winter coat but is perfect for our climate (more mild winters). Asking $15 plus shipping.

Item #8 Matilda Jane shorties.  Size 6


Kate wore these a few times but they are like new. Asking $10 plus shipping

Item  #9 Matilda jane shorties (mathcing tank top below). Size 6


Like new Size. Asking $10 plus shipping

Item #10 Matilda Jane Tak top (matches shorties) Size 6


$8 plus shipping.

Item #11 Matilda Jane tank Size 6


$8 plus shipping

Item #12  Matilda Jane Powder blue leggings. Size 6


$10m plus shipping

Item #13
Matilda Jane Dress Size 6  $25 plus shipping


Item #14 Matilda Jane Navy Capris Size 6


(I have 2 pair of these for sale).  Kate wore these for uniform pants a few times.  they are in very good condtion.  $10 each plus shipping.

Item #15 Matidla Jane Cream leggings
Size 8 $10 plus shipping


Item #16  Matilda Jane cream and blue leggings
Size 8 $10 plus shipping


Item #17 Matilda Jane Fall dress

Size 6 $25 plus shipping


Item #18

Matilda Jane Cream tank with lace.  Size 6 (matches shorties too).


Asking $8 plus shipping


Cindy said...

item #5 Please! Thank you for sharing!

Maria said...

Item 8,9 10 and 18

Maria said...

Item #8,9,10 and 18

Susan said... items 4,7,11,12,13,17

teach said...

Item 1 Union Jack skirt

Love Being A Nonny said...

Conoil@yahoo. #3

Ashley said...

Someone already grabbed them, but if for some reason they don't get them I will take #9, 10 & 18.

Spears said...

Item 15 plz

Kathy said...

#4,6,14 and 16 plz if not taken thank you

Kathy said...

Number 15 too,

Betsy said...

item #2. Love the skirt. Thanks Kim.

Sarah said...

15 & 16 please. Would like to see what else you add this week.

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priyabella said...

Super long shot, but I would take 1 and 7 if they fall through.

ashley said...

Backup on 16

Mary said...

#17 and #14 if they fall through please