Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fancy Sale

I went through Kate's clothes once again and found a few more dresses that she has outgrown.  If you want one of the items below, leave your name and email address and the item you want.  I will invoice you through paypal.  Please pay promptly or I will give it to the next commenter.  Thank you so much. I will mail out packages within 24 hours of payment.

Dress #1
This dress is a brand called SIMI by Frances Johnston.  It is a hot pink velvet on top and a gorgeous 100% raw silk pink on bottom with a built in slip. I LOVE this dress.  I was not going to sell but it really does not fit anymore so there is no point hanging onto it.  Kate has worn it a few times around the holidays. It retails for about $130 and is beautifully made. It is a size 6 and like new.

 $50 plus shipping (probably about $7).


And Kate wore it for one of our Chrsitmas Cards....


and a blooper:)

Dress #2

This dress is also stunning.  It is 100% champagne silk.  The skirt is lined.  The attached sash is Swarovski crystals. It is also a size 6.  Kate has worn this a few times around the holidays.  It shows no signs of wear.




It is a gorgeous dress.  $50 plus shipping.

Dress #3

This next dress is a 4T and made by Lavender Blue.  It is polyester and cotton (but looks like silk) with red velvet trim and sash.  Again, it is so beautiful and well made. I bought this at a local boutique.

Kate wore this in our Card and for Christmas one year (4 years ago...when she was 4).




$50 plus shipping.

 Three Sisters Pajamas



Santa smocking is sooo cute!

These pajamas are THE CUTEST.  They are selling brand new this year for $56 (and that is what I paid last year). Kate has worn them  a few times.  They are in excellent condition but way too short on her now.  I tried SO hard to find these in an 8 this year for her because I love them so much but they are SOLD out everywhere.  Size 6X $30 plus shipping.

Widgeon Minky Coat


I bought this at a boutique in Virginia.  They sell from  $50-70.  It is a think minky jacket with a hood.  Size is 12 months.  Kate wore it as a baby her first year home.  It is in great condition and is soft and cozy. $20 plus shipping.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Special Occasion and Christmas Clothes Sale

I am selling some of Kate's special occasion dresses and clothes as she has outgrown them. All of these are in very good condition as she has worn them once or twice (exceptions noted).
Make sure to scroll all the way down because some of the best stuff is at the bottom.

Most are boutique brand clothes but some are not. I do not put anything in the dryer so all the clothes are true to size and in great condition.  I will add $5-6 shipping depending on the size of the item to all sales. I will invoice you on Paypal and ship all items within 24 hours of payment. If you do not pay within 24 hours of being invoiced, I will offer the item to the next person who commented. If you want the item, leave your email address and I will send you a paypal invoice. I cannot invoice unless you leave me a valid email address.

In your comment, let me know a) which item you want and b) you paypal email.

Item #1



Size 6
Stella and Stevie Kids Jacket in Orange with Hot pink Trim.
Adorable Swing Jacket.  Kate has only worn this once or twice.


Item #2 

Cach Cach Fur Jaket
Size 5
Kate has actually worn this boutique jacket a bunch but it is still in good condition. She loves it but the sleeves are too short for her now. I wish I could find it in a bigger size.  It looks adorable with dresses or casual clothes.  And it is warm too. Lined in satin.


Item #3



Old Navy XS (5) Sequin Skirt.


Item #4

Sophie Catalou boutique skirt
Size 5

So cute for the holidays or year round.  Kate has worn this just a few times.


Item #5


Pauline lace tunic.    Size 6/6X (per tag) This is really cute.  It can be dressed up or down.  Kate has worn this a few times.  Again, she love this but it is too small now.


Item #6


Kayce Hughes dress Size 6
We LOVE this dress but Kate has outgrown it.  She has probably worn it about 4-5 times.  It looks beautiful around Christmas or Valentine's day.  It would also look gorgeous monogrammed.

$25 (retail price is $88)

Item #7

Petite Confection Dress. Size 6y-7y.  This is a lightweight beautiful dress.  It is adorable with a shirt underneath or on its own.    Only worn once or twice.


Item #8


This is one of my favorite pieces of clothing Kate has owned.  I had it made from someone on Etsy.  Kate wore it as a dress and then later with cream leggings as a tunic.  It is white and cream and just adorable.  I hate to part with it. But it is too small. There is no tag but I am guessing it is a 5 or 6.


Item #9


Eggi Dress.  Navy Blue. Size 5/6  Adorable cotton Dress.  I bought several of these for Kate to wear to school.  She wore each one a few times.  It is cute and soft and comfy too.


Item #10


Tea brand Damask dress. Size 4. Again, we love this.  Kate first wore it as a dress and then with leggings as a tunic.


Item #11



Adorable cotton Polka dot pajamas. Size 6. Kate wore these a few times for Christmas.  They are so cute.  I would say that they would fit a 5 or a 6.


Item #12 



Pink and white polka dot pajamas/loungewear from Mollypops.  I think they are discontinued or out of business as I was looking to buy some for Kate for this year because I love them so much.  These are a size 7 but Kate has long legs so they fit as a 6 and a 7.  She wore these 2-3 times.


Item #13




More Christmas Pajamas.  These are in excellent condition.  Kate only wore them on Christmas Eve one year.   I love them and they are not made any more. Size 6.


Item #14



Adorable shift dress with Christmas Tree made out of polka dot ribbons.  Secret wishes Brand Size 6.  This dress comes with two green polka dot bows that can be pinned at the shoulder buttons.


Item #15



Brand new with tags.  Dolce Girl dress Size 6.  I bought this dress on Zulily last year (when Kate was 7) and it was too short for her.  Kate is skinny, skinny with long legs. So sometimes I need a smaller size but the length is not right and that was the case here.  This dress is a perfect fit for a more normal shaped girl.  The bottom is navy velvet.  It is so pretty and perfect for the holidays.


Item #16



Adorable turquoise Moo Boos. Size 6.  This is a beautiful dress with a gorgeous shape.  Thick material makes it drape beautifully on.  Kate wore this a few times around the holidays for special occasions.


Item #17


Fur vest.  Tiff brand XS (4-5) in excellent condition.


Item #18



I hate to sell this.  I love it so much.  It is a silk shantung tunic with gorgeous crystals and black velvet trim. It comes with black velvet leggings.  It is Moo Boos brand, SIZE 5 and I bought it at a local boutique.  this is a special one of a kind outfit.


Item #19


This dress is Pauline Collection and is Size 6/6X.  It is adorable on its own or with a shirt underneath it. In excellent condition.


Item #20


Really cute tunic and ruffle pants.  Art and Soul brand. Size 6.  Only worn a few times.


Item #21


Jelly the Pug dress Size 6.


Item #22

Daddy's Little Girl

This is a gorgeous dress from a boutique.  It is Moo Boo's Size 6.  Kate wore this a few times on vacation.  It is a fabulous dress.


Item #23


Another Moo Boo's tutu dress. Size 6.  Same as above in different colors.


Item #24


Moo Boo's dress in white.  Top is Swiss dot in white cotton.  Bottom is tulle with pink flowers.

Kate never wore this one.  It was cut wide.  I had it taken in but we've never had the chance to wear it.


Item #25


Navy and White Polka Dot dress.  Essentials by ABS.  Size 7.  This is an adorable dress.  Kate has probably worn it about 5 times.  It excellent condition.


Item #26


Crewcuts brand silk and cotton dress in navy blue.  This is in excellent shape.  Size 6.


Item #27



Cupcake and Pastries brand silk wrap dress.  This is a gorgeous cranberry red dress with lace details.  it is gorgeous.  Kate wore this once around the holidays.  It is labeled size 5 but I think it is a 5-6.


Item #28


Red silk blend dress with grosgrain sash.  Size 6.  Kate has worn this once or twice around Christmas.


Item #29


Zunie brand Size 6 pink and cream dress.  This is a beautiful dress from Nordstrom.  Kate has worn it a few times to church.  It is in excellent condition.


Don't forget to leave the item number and your email address.

Thank you!